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Year 2020


An Anthology Of Speculative Fiction

UNREAL celebrates the sheer awesomeness of Speculative Fiction!

Each of the twenty stories is set in its own independent world. So this single book is your ticket to twenty diverse lands where mind-bending things happen!

Speculative Fiction is a vast genre, but we have got delicacies from almost every subgenre. There’s AI, magic, monkey gods, time travel, vampires, scary organisms, strange hidden-dimension particles, pirates, oppressive governments, ancient temples, weird futuristic tech . . . and of course aliens!

Black Veins

An Anthology Of Horror Stories

Can you feel them? Tentacles of the dark slithering inside your soul, like parasites, feeding on your dreams, leaving behind nothing but cold fear? Do you want to feel them?

Black Veins is packed with 21 stories of the finest horror from bestselling and emerging authors from all around the world!

Blood Crown

An Anthology Of Sword And Sorcery Stories

What crown isn’t tainted with blood? What royal family exists without internal struggle? What throne can be kept for eternity?

Roam the fantastic world of sword and sorcery with this collection of nineteen tales of power, magic, justice, and ambition. Watch kings lose their heads, mourn with weeping dragons, obliterate an army with a single spell, or fight for a flowerwoman’s honour.

Year 2021

Shattered Veil

An Anthology Of Ghost Stories

The other side exists. You can’t always see it, but you can feel it.
It calls you. A touch, and it shatters. It unveils.
Can you bear the other side?

Shattered Veil is a collection of 20 chilling stories that explore this other side of existence, in ways that are haunting and tragic, or comforting and blissful.

Water Turns Red

An Anthology Of Crime Fiction

Crime manifests itself in many forms.
But it always bleeds red.

WATER TURNS RED is a collection of 21 chilling stories that explore the various shades of this ghastly color red. Within these pages lie the corpses of those killed in cold blood, the cunning minds of their killers, and the wits of detectives. Together they paint a disturbing image of the human psyche.

Do you want to witness it?


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