Thank you

for your faith in us.

We really appreciate that you’re giving us a chance. We are a two-person team. Aditya manages the content and the website, while Anunay is developing tech we will be using in near future. As much as we would like to give, we are limited by our time. However, we do hope that you will like our offerings.

Perks for Website Stories

Whenever your website story is accepted, you receive voids in the following manner according to the word count:

  • 4,000⁠–⁠7,000: 1 void
  • 7,000⁠–⁠10,000: 2 voids
  • 10,000⁠–⁠15,000: 3 voids

The voids can be traded as follows:

  • ⁠Image ad: 1 void
  • Author website advice: 1 void per webpage
  • Ask me anything! (well, related to writing or editing; e.g, POV trouble, show vs tell, dangling modifiers, etc): 2 voids
  • Book cover advice: 3 voids
  • Blurb editing: 4 voids
  • 5-second video ad (no music): 6 voids
  • Cover letter copyediting: 7 voids
  • Copyediting the first three pages of a story: 9 voids

Please note the following things:

  • All perks will be created by Aditya. He’s the right guy for all of these tasks. You may already be familiar with his work. All TGVB book covers are outsourced, but you do need the skill to pick or commission the right covers. Over the years, he has developed an eye for cover design. All TGVB social media graphics and ads are made by him. He also dabbles in art, but he remains loyal to writing. He is also a proficient editor. For his editorial background, please check his website.
  • Voids are given when the story is accepted, not published, so you can use this service as soon as your story gets accepted!
  • No requests for revisions, please. We do TGVB work on weekdays and Perks on weekends. There simply isn’t any time left to entertain revisions. You will be asked to write any specific requests in Perks Manager. While we will try our best to satisfy them, please understand that we cannot guarantee them.
  • The perk system is only for website stories (since anthologies operate on a royalty model)
  • The perks should be used for writing-related activities only (e.g., we cannot make an ad for your local shop. We would have loved to help you, but we are not the right people for making non-writing stuff)
  • The perks should be used for your own publication (e.g., perks may be used for a collection of short stories you wrote, but not an anthology you’re compiling or a work created by another author you’re publishing.) You should be the sole author as well as the publisher. In case you don’t self-publish, please choose another perk that doesn’t depend on this distinction.
  • You may not exchange the perk with another entity (e.g., trading the perk with some author)
  • You may not sell the perk to any entity
  • You may use the ad anywhere you like (Facebook ads, Amazon ads, anywhere). We only ask that you follow the advertiser’s guidelines and stock terms and conditions (we use Unsplash)
  • The advice and copyediting documents are meant only for you. You may not share them with anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

We are sorry for these restrictions. However, we hope you can understand why we’re imposing them. We respect and adore other publishers, especially the small presses, as much as you do. In fact, you will find Aditya sometimes sharing pages with you in a number of anthologies. However, we are already a very small team. Given our limited resources and our limited time, we would prefer to pour energy only into TGVB-related stuff. Publishers have their marketing budgets. Many authors don’t. Although we would love to pay in terms of real money in the near future, currently this feels like the best way to show our support to our authors.

How to Get the Perks?

Use our super easy Perks Manager! Before using it, please make sure that the required material is ready (e.g., your author logo, book cover, book mockup, etc). Upload it to a folder in your trusted online storage platform (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). You will be asked to share the folder link here itself. The folder should be accessible and the download option should be enabled. If you have your own stock, upload that as well (make sure you have the necessary rights and licensing). You don’t? No problem, we’ll find something good : )

The perk will be emailed in one to two weeks.